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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Part 2)
Last issue, we reported what destinations North American travel agents picked for girl-only getaways. As promised, this issue we tell you our agents’ top choices:

The Hills Ranch (BC): It has villas, so the girls can hang out together after dinner. The spa treatments are great. There's hiking, cross-country skiing, an indoor pool and hot tub, lectures and group dining. Prices are middle-of-the-road, which makes it affordable for more than just your wealthy friends. (Cathy)
Rancho la Puerto (Mexico, just south of San Diego, CA): This is an excellent place for a gal to go. Here you can have a fabulous week of rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit. No phones, no TV, no deadlines, just miles of hiking trails, healthy meals, exercise, rest and spa treatments in a peaceful setting at the foot of Mt Kuchumaa, just across the Mexican border. (Marie)

Flying U Guest Ranch (BC): A 5.5 hours drive to 70 Mile House, this ranch offers accommodation that is rustic but the units are large enough for several women to comfortably share one room. No need to cook (yeah!) or even make any decision about food, as the meals are at set times and prepared in group style.
Each morning, their excellent horses are ready and saddled for you. (The cowboys aren't too shabby either.) You can enjoy unsupervised rides through the hills and around Green Lake. The evenings give you time to relax, go for a walk, or read a book; or if you are looking for a bit more excitement head down to the main lodge and sit around the fire, where it is easy to meet others. On Saturday nights a live band plays for those who like to dance. (Michele)

Cuba: I would definitely recommend any of the top all-inclusive resorts in Cuba. What better way to spend time with your girl friends than to lounge around in the sun, with hot guys serving you cool drinks on a beach so beautiful you'll feel like you're in a postcard. This is an extremely safe, no-hassle, relaxing holiday destination that is easy to get to on a non-stop charter flight. (Lisa)

Las Vegas: What girl doesn't like to shop? Vegas has great shopping choices plus a variety of shows that please every taste. Whether you want a wild "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" weekend or a deliciously pampering spa treat, Las Vegas has it all. (Lindy)

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